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"There's mutiny in the ranks!"
Calm down there, there's no mutiny going on. iDevGames is a wonderful resource, but half of its luster has been lost over the last few years because of never ending server problems, setbacks, and time constraints. What always made me continually visit iDevGames when I first came across it was the never ending pile of assets available. These assets have been lost in the abyss of hard drive backups somewhere in Carlos's home, and several members of the community have been waiting for these assets to be returned to the iDevGames site. Carlos, being the busy man he is, has not yet had time (as I understand it) to do so, so in the mean time, I am making my personal archive of iDevGames assets downloaded years ago available until they are restored on the iDevGames website.

Among the collection are sounds, music, backgrounds, tiles, sprites, and the 2003 uDevGames entries. At the present time I only have the code for a few entries available, but hopefully that'll be expanded, or become unnecessary as they are hosted on the uDevGames site. If you have any assets from back in the day, I'll be happy to host them. Enjoy:

Update 09/25/08: Added source code for 19 entries to uDevGames 2004.

Update 07/03/08: Upload many more assets. Organized almost everything. Converted all .sit/.sitx files to .zip

Update 10/23/05: Finished uploading 100+ new files in Assets/Misc. Some are uDG entries, some examples, others are assets. It's a mixture. I'm too lazy to sort it.

Update 01/09/05: Added Fantasy sound collections 2 and 3 thanks to Alex Sikora.

Update 01/06/05: Added a lot of code and new backgrounds, tiles, and sprites thanks to Alex Sikora.

Update 01/04/05: Added the camouflage textures thanks to Eric Hoaglin.

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